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Interesting Facts About The Fletcher Capstan Table That Will Surprise You

How much does the Fletcher Capstan table cost is probably always questioned by many people who are interested in furniture development and home improvement topic. This table is definitely not your everyday dining room furniture, which means very unique and special. This miracle of futuristic carpentry has been created based on the greatest simplicity and minimalism which is good for small space without ignoring on its function as home furniture. For your information, this amazing product is made by David Fletcher that also brings great feature to be able to expand and shrink when needed.

Of course, many people probably will interested of this kind of table after reading at its description, however, the price of the Fletcher Capstan table is something that not everyone can think logically. On this article, embellishinghome is going to present about this amazing work of carpentry that is bringing the wealthiest people thinking twice before reaching into their pockets and spending their money to buy it. Let’s begin the discussion.

Interesting Facts about Fletcher Capstan Table

What Exactly is the Fletcher Capstan Table?

Actually, it is not a new innovation of modern carpentry for sure! Yet, the Fletcher Capstan table is definitely a product of dining room table which has no equals. The creator claims that this unique and roundtable is able to expand up to double size from its current size, without requiring unnecessary space. The table has been created on a system which has expandable leaf within, which is good to give you the chance to cover your family from the available space

The best thing that makes this table stick out from the rest and becomes special is the table’s mechanism which can stores the expansion leaves inside the table itself. Both the electronic and manual tables will move and rotate in about 120-degree motion. This feature is providing enough seating capacity twice than before when maintaining the beautiful circular form. This special table is able to provide seat up to 6 persons in the original shape and also up to 12 when it is expanded.

What is Fletcher Capstan Table

What is Fletcher Capstan Table Exactly

Well, actually, there is no certain rule that states about 12 persons are the limit of Fletcher Capstan table’s covering, that’s why users are feel free to measure, check, test, and accommodate as many as they are fit. One of the biggest magazine, Boat International Magazine, explained and described the operation of Fletcher Capstan table as “pure magic” directly after looking at the speed of the complete expansion and reduction.

The media have given a lot of attention to this table, and finally, it was being awarded as the most innovative piece of furniture that ever made.

How Does the Mechanism Work?

For those who don’t know yet, the structure of this simple, modern, and special table is based on the standard of layering. It is made of three layers. What are those? The first layer, or commonly understood as top surface, is composed of 6 pie-shaped planks beside a drum table lookalike circular skirt. Then, the second layer has 6 boards in the shape of arrows too while the third layer is in the form of a large star-shaped leaf. This video below will show you the mechanism of Fletcher Capstan table.

The Mechanism of Fletcher Capstan Table
The entire system and feature depend on a rotating and pushing mechanism, that have been made using durable aluminum and stainless steel in good quality. As an information, in over 3 decades experience in furniture making industry, Capstan Table project has been improvised by David Fletcher to becomes amazing as these days.

The Table’s Construction

As the claim of the construction, you will see the finest hardwood contained once you find Fletcher Capstan table on the market. Brazilian mahogany and the European walnut are the most popular types of wood for this type of table, which are both compliments domestic surroundings. In addition, some exotic materials like Macassar ebony and Rosewood can be used to craft this special piece of furniture too. For better experience, please play the video below.

The Making of Fletcher Capstan Table
All you need to know , the materials which are used in making this table are in high quality, which you could place this table on a completely exposed to sun such as on boat deck without showing no signs of deterioration. This is great construction material, right?

The History of Table’s Design and Idea

Despite following many popular beliefs, David Fletcher prefers to follow the Fletcher Capstan Table which is not very well-known before. On the other words, we could say that the statement of “who came up with the idea” is quite debatable until now. However, according to website called fletchertables.com, the table’s founding father was a man named Robert Jupe. He came up with the briliant and interesting design in 1835.

History of Fletcher Capstan Table's Design and Idea

In the 19th century, Jupe designed round and featured similar original geometry which could be seen in Fletcher Capstan table these days. Although the 19th-century table would change from small to a larger size and expand radially, it can not store its own expansion Leaves.

In addition, the original table was not so round in every stage of the table’s transformation process. The design of this table was innovatively for sure, then it’s quite slow and become “table of the future”. No one in the past could have thought that someone would use the table as inspiration and reinvent it later.

Who is David Fletcher, Actually?

Now knowing how the Fletcher Capstan table came to be what it might be today, wouldn’t you like to know about typically the maker himself? David Fletcher can be described as the renowned designer with the help of over 30 numerous years of experience in furnishings industry. Starting small as a dealer of very old furniture, he obtained the skills from shaping wood naturally then.

Who is David Fletcher from Fletcher Capstan Table

Fletcher started the capstan table project in 1997 and it has continually improved the table's functioning and design to create the table become well-functioned as now. During the whole process, he additionally developed his abilities in mechanical engineering, which we think gave him more knowledge of the craft. Fletcher Tables is really a global name these days, having some of the finest craftsmen on the planet.

How Much Does the Table Cost?

There are many of us curious about the exact price of this futuristic table. Now, it’s time to answer the most important question that many people have probably been waiting for since the begining of reading this article. Even if we asked you to make an educated guess about the Fletcher Capstan’s prize, it’s very likely that you would get it wrong.

So, we provide you good and accurate information about the Fletcher Capstan table price. We have collected many sources from printed media and online media which is known as trusted sources. Then, how much the table’s price?

The Fletcher Capstan Table Price

If you are interested in this awesome and futuristic table, it will make you spend around $ 50,000-$ 70,000. Yes, the price is right and you are not read it wrong.

This futuristic table is a piece of innovation which maybe becomes the most expensive table and make most of elites would think twice about buying it. However, for those who love to invest their money for the best furniture, the value of money is logically worth then. After all, all of the decision is up to you. Do you want to get this item with this price or not.

Lastly, you will also need to decide investing money for the best furniture or saving money for other necessities. If you prefer to invest your money for the best furniture, then Fletcher Capstan table will be a good choice for you. Ask some professionals or experienced persons for the best advice. If you are quite confused, they are the best persons to be asked for advice by their experience.

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