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Thread Count Bedding Sheet Becomes Most Wanted Product

If you are in the market for bedding, you are aware that some sheets are labeled according to their thread count bedding sheet. Many of us have heard the term "thread count" but are not sure what it means. Thread count is actually a scientific term. It's important to know some basic facts about thread count before you purchase your bedding. We spend one third of our lives sleeping, so it is essential that we are sleeping in a comfortable bed at night. Great sheets will ensure that every night you are breathing a contented sigh of relief when you slide into bed for a well-deserved good night's sleep.

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What is Thread Count?

Thread count, by definition, means the number of threads that are in a square inch of fabric. The lengthwise threads in a fabric weave are called the warp threads and the threads running widthwise are called the weft threads. Both the weft and the warp threads are counted and then added together to make the total thread count. For example, if a sheet has a thread count of 300, it means that there are 150 warp threads and 150 weft threads.

Find the Best Thread Count Bedding Sheet

The average consumer searching for sheets has been lead to believe that the higher the thread count bedding sheet the higher the quality of the sheet. Unfortunately this is misleading. The quality of cotton sheets does not depend solely on the thread count. Factors like fiber length and quality, construction and the finishing of the fabric can also affect the comfort and wearability of a sheet. A lower thread count sheet made of good quality cotton can feel and wear much better than a higher thread count sheet made with poor quality fibers. This has made it difficult for the consumer because they can't depend on a high thread count being an indicator of the best quality and can end up spending a lot of money on an inferior product.

Sheets are made from different fibers and the price will vary accordingly. Cotton polyester sheets are cheaper than pure cotton sheets but not as comfortable, although they are wrinkle resistant. Long staple or long fiber cotton sheets tend to feel the softest and won't pill like sheets made from short fibers. Look for sheets labeled "egyptian cotton", "pima" or "supima". These labels all indicate that good quality cotton fibers have been used in the construction of the sheets.

What is Thread Count Bedding Sheet Actually

There are thread count bedding sheet types on the market made of fibers other than cotton, like silk, flannel and fleece. Children like flannel and fleece sheets for their softness and warmth and often they are sold in fun patterns designed specifically for children. These are not usually good choices for adults because of their lack of breathability, but if warmth is your priority they may be the right choice for you. Silk sheets have a luxurious feel but can be difficult to launder.

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