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Analyzing The Case of Whole House Water Filter

Initially, the cost of whole house water filter may seem high, but when you look at the cost of individual units for the kitchen, the shower, and other faucets, you could actually end up saving money. Plus, this type of filter protects areas of your home that you might not normally think about, areas for which individual units are not available.

You know that you should not drink from the tap. Brushing your teeth might concern you. You may even know why shower units are important. But, did you know that without a whole house water filter, chlorine vapors and THMs, which are by-products of chlorination, are released into your home just about anywhere?

Simple Whole House Water Filter Technology

The Laundry Room

The laundry room is one area that many people never think about. You use hot-water there, just like you do in the shower. The heat vaporizes chlorine and THMs are always gaseous. Plus, if you do not have a whole house water filter, your clothes will not last as long as they could.

Think about it. Chlorine is bleach. If you bleached your colored clothes every time that you washed them, how long would they last? In an emergency situation following a hurricane or a flood, health organizations recommend using household chlorine bleach to sanitize and clarify the water. That should tell you that bleach and chlorine are the same things.

What You can Do with Whole House Water Filter

The Dishwasher

Without a whole house water filter, you are releasing toxic vapors every time that you turn on the dishwasher. If you or someone in your family has asthma, these vapors may trigger attacks, depending on the amount of the toxins that are in the water supply at any given time. It varies. At certain times of the year, levels are higher than others. It depends on when the facilities are “cleaning the pipes”. It’s pretty much constant, but usually once a year, they “really” Flush the system and boy, what problems that used to cause my family.

It took us a long time to figure out that whole house water filters were the way to go. We were wasting money on inferior products that didn’t last as long and couldn’t do the same job. We have fewer headaches, fewer worries and everyone is healthier. Plus, we are protecting our long-term health. Many of the things that come through the faucet are cancer-causing substances. The Ralph Nader research group identified over two thousand different types of tap-water around the country.

Why Adding Whole House Water Filter System

I think of our whole house water filter as future health insurance. I know that my kids are safer. We save money because we don’t have to buy bottled water all of the time. The company that we chose sends our replacement cartridges automatically, so we don’t even have to remember to replace them. There have been so many advantages, they are too numerous to name. Everything seems cleaner, even the car looks better.

Whole house water filters have meant a lot to my family. They may be the right choice for yours.

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