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Creative Ideas Furniture Belfast On Bringing The Daytime Crowd To Your Business

Getting customers in for the evening is probably enough of a challenge for many owners but opening during the day can often pay off. If you're concerned that your premises won't appeal to the casual daytime crowd then here are a few ideas on broadening your appeal beyond your beverages.

Replace One of Your Booths with a Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa Ideas Furniture Belfast

This is the one of the many good ideas furniture Belfast. Whilst booths, benches and barstools are perfect for drinking and have seen landlords through centuries of serving the public, sometimes people just want a comfy place to sit. Somewhere comfier than hard pine wood anyway. Replacing one of your booths with a leather sofa - maybe even a pair of leather sofas - and a coffee table can have quite an effect on your daytime appeal.

Not only does it create a comfier place to sit, it also creates a more intimate social atmosphere for your daytime patrons. Couple this with an espresso machine and presto - you've re-purposed a section of your establishment to serve the teetotal crowd (or at least those who prefer to do their drinking at night). Obviously this type of furniture tends to get better with a classy bar than a rustic pub...

Add Table Football, a Pool Table or a Darts Board

Football Table Ideas Furniture Belfast

If a coffee machine and a comfy sofa don't sound right for your place and your customers, then consider adding some activities to your pub. A little friendly competition can keep crowds of customers occupied throughout the day and give them a reason to visit beyond beverages. When you look on the internet these days, some ideas furniture Belfast add this stuff to deal with boredom.

Of course you should keep in mind the practicalities of your premises; put a dart board near the bar and you're likely to end up with someone's eye out when it gets busy. Likewise nothing is more irritating than trying to play pool and finding that there's not enough room for you, the table and the cue - well, apart from sitting at the table and getting hit in the back of the head by one. If you charge per play then you could make a little money from the table too - but then again, offer it for free and people could come to your place just to play...

Step Outside of the Jukebox

Jukebox Music Ideas Furniture Belfast

It's a bold move and it could backfire but adding a bit of creativity to your range of music can add a character all of your own to your business. Whilst jukeboxes are a good way of letting your customers picks their favorites, letting your staff set the tone can create a whole different atmosphere with a different appeal. Whilst making sure that you keep within your license to play music, you could let your bar staff plays their own selection of tracks; it may alienate a couple of your customers or it might entice them - some people just like to hear something a little different when they go out.

Those are some creative ideas furniture Belfast that you can use for bringing the daytime crowd to your business. If you have any question or advice, make sure to make us know by commenting this article or catch us by filling the contact form. Have a great day!

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