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Have You Ever Heard Basement Finishing System?

It used to be a man’s home was his castle. But then the Decorating Divas swept in and insisted that a house just isn’t a home until the duvet covers and pillows match the valance, the walls are painted “Marigold Sunset” with cream accents, and the TV is tucked into an armoire. After his comfy old recliner has been banished, where’s a guy supposed to sit?

If the king in your home is feeling dethroned, perhaps the ultimate gift is his own room, a place where his treasures -- and his recliner – don’t have to be hidden, a retreat where dad can hang his favorite hockey jersey or put together the WWII Flying Fortress model he got for Father’s Day three years ago. A place where he and his friends can play poker to their heart’s content or watch the big game and loudly protest the ref’s calls.

Sounds good, but where? Chances are the space is right under your nose -- or your house -- because the basement is the perfect place to create Dad’s special room.

Basement can be a Great Place

If your basement looks more like a dungeon than a place to honor the man of the house, it’s probably time to finish -- or refinish -- that space. The good news is basement finishing has come a long way in recent years. Once considered to be a long and messy process, there are now finishing systems specifically designed for basements that provide a fast and easy transformation. System approaches have some big advantages over drywall construction. The process of installing the system of insulated wall components and drop ceiling takes about two weeks to complete, versus the typical multi-month traditional remodeling process.

Comfortable Contemporary Basement Finishing System

The folks by some professionals have developed the basement finishing system for just this purpose. Installation is not only quicker and cleaner but it helps address mold and moisture concerns unique to the basement environment. The system features insulated walls that breathe, are mold and mildew resistant and help make rooms warm and quiet. The walls are durable and are designed to be easily removed for quick access to the home’s foundation, plumbing or electric wiring.

Comfortable Classic Basement Finishing System

The professional basement finishing system, as its name, is installed by trained professionals so Dad can concentrate on important things, like channel surfing. In as little as two weeks and with little of the mess and disruption of traditional drywall work, your basement can become a bright, clean and comfortable place where Dad can have his big screen TV, video games, weight set and hobby table. A place he can decorate -- or not -- just as he pleases. It’s a great way to reward dads right now for what they’ve been giving for so many years.

Wooden Theme Basement Finishing System

And while he deserves a place of his own, many families will find that what’s good for Dad is good for the household, too. Although it’s his room, he’ll be proud to share it with the whole family to play games together or watch TV; but don’t touch the remote. Plus his huge TV will no longer be the centerpiece of the living room upstairs. When he has friends over for a big game, they can be as loud as they like, stay up as late as they want and not disrupt the rest of the household.

Those are some great features and functions of basement finishing system which are recommended by professionals. Ask some professional to help you having the best one.

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