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Best Advice from Experienced Roofers In Barrie for Preventative Maintenance

There are few places in a home that receive as little personal attention as the roof. It's understandable -- after all, it's out of sight and not exactly easily accessible. And without a doubt, your roof is likely home to a whole host of problematic items such as yard waste, debris, insects, small woodland creatures, etc. If you're like many homeowners, you probably have no idea what's happening up there. At best, it may cross your mind a few times a year, but many individuals quickly forget without doing anything about it.

Unfortunately, this type of neglect can lead to substantial damage to your home, the type that does not go easy on your pocketbook! The best way to avoid costly leaks, water damage, mold and structural deterioration is to source a team of skilled roofers in Barrie to carry out a plan of preventative maintenance to keep your roof in top shape at all times.

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How Roofers in Barrie can Prevent Costly Problems With Routine Maintenance?

You might question whether roofing maintenance is really necessary -- and the answer is always yes! Disregarding even the smallest of problems can lead to costly and dangerous issues that require extensive repairs. Leaks and water damage can result in mold, rotting wood and serious problems with your home's structural integrity. Plus, if you want to maintain or increase your property value, a damaged roof is the last thing you need! A majority of home buyers are not interested in moving into a home that is in need of such significant repairs.

So what exactly happens when expert roofers in Barrie conduct routine roofing maintenance? While each contractor's maintenance package varies, a typical inspection will consist of the following:

Repair or Replace Shingles: When shingles are missing or begin to curl, the wood that lies underneath becomes incredibly susceptible to rotting. During an inspection, your roofing contractor will search for damaged shingles and repair or replace them before too much damage occurs.

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Inspect Soffits, Flashing and Fascia for Damage: Remember those little woodland creatures mentioned above? Squirrels, birds, curious insects -- adorable as they might be, they all love to hang out on the wood underneath your roof's overhang. This means you're always at risk for holes, cracks and rotting. Your local roofers in Barrie can place a protective seal around flashings and other crucial areas to keep those small animals from wreaking havoc.

Clear Troughs, Gutters and Downpipes: Best of all, roofing maintenance generally includes the clearing of any clogged gutters, troughs or downpipes. Many homeowners may not realize it, but a significant buildup of debris or water can actually lead to mold and mildew!
If you're concerned about keeping your roof in top shape, but you're worried that you'll forget to schedule the maintenance each year, program a quick reminder in your calendar to jog your roof.

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