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4 Hot New 2018 Trends for Living Rooms

Keeping up with living room trends is an easy way to make the entire home look newer and cutting edge as it’s typically the most used room in the house. Living room trends tend to stay around for a long time as the furniture is expensive to replace but there are some new trends swaying the marketplace.

Hot New Living Room Trends

Living Room Color Trends

One of the most fluent trends in living rooms is one of the easiest to accommodate, color trends. Painting a living room usually doesn’t take more than a weekend and is relatively in expensive.

Living room wall colors have gone away from the dramatic and bold to a more subtle hue or one that is neutral. Color in the living room is more frequently expressed in other ways in modern homes. Look for rich hues in woods such as cherry which is a very popular wood throughout the home at the moment. Use accessories and window treatments to create an additional pop of color and focal piece for an otherwise neutral or subtle hued living room.

For people who prefer to have more color in their home and living room a monochromatic color scheme is very popular and an excellent way to incorporate color but in a way that seems subtle and layered in intensity.

Living Room Flooring Trends

Hardwood floors are still a hot trend in homes but the look is actually trendier than the material. There will still obviously be real hardwood floors in many homes but bamboo and laminate flooring are rising in popularity as they’re seen as more environmentally friendly materials that have a similar appearance.

Obviously carpeting is still a popular and practical way to cover a living room floor but there are some obvious new twists in carpet, basically the texture. Look for carpets that have a pattern or texture to them that increase visual appeal but are a neutral solid color so they’re not too obtrusive or busy.

Living Room Trends with Wooden Floor

Living Room Trends with Solid Neutral Carpet Color

Living Room Furniture Trends

Large statement pieces of furniture were the trend in the past with the larger homes, but in the past few years a smaller home with a smaller environmental footprint has become en vogue so large, oversized furniture is not as popular. Instead smaller pieces of furniture that are high in quality and pay particular attention to detail are the latest trends.

As quality becomes more important in furniture selection more and more people are opting for leather furniture that can stand the test of time, is incredibly comfortable and durable and is attractive as well. Learn more about leather furniture basics before buying to insure the best quality for the price.

Living Room Trends with Leather Furniture

Living Room Accessory Trends

Accessories for the living room have also shrunk in importance, to the point where they are almost nonexistent. Limit the number of accessories that adorn a living room and choose to display ones that have meaning, are large enough in scale to carry the space by themselves or display in clusters so it appears as though there is really only one collection rather than a number of items.

With more neutral colors appearing on the floor, walls and furniture, accessories that pop with architectural interest or vivid color is almost a necessity. Use accessories to make a room more interesting.

Living Room Trends with Beautiful Accessories

Overall living room trends for 2018 focus on details, quality and craftsmanship rather than on gimmicks or bold statements. Keeping it simple with a few little touches of interest is a great way to go in the modern living room

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