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Trying 3 Beautiful and Unique Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas Perfectly

An industrial kitchen design is now widely applied by homeowners. The industrial design is typically used unfinished decorations and has a raw impression. Check a few industrial kitchen design ideas below.

Black and White Industrial Kitchen DIY home improvement

Using white and black combination is the first industrial kitchen design idea. Use white as the dominant color of the kitchen, including for walls, cabinets, back splash, and counter tops. As for black, you can use it for the island and the bar stools. Additionally, black can also be used as the window frame color. To complement the overall look of the kitchen, apply brown as the flooring and decoration color. Provide a warm atmosphere by installing brown wood-patterned flooring. Illuminate and enhance the kitchen’s look by hanging two pendants with a semi-circle lampshade that has a broken white color over the island area. To adorn your kitchen as well as emphasize the industrial feel, place a brown ladder as a decoration beside the kitchen cabinet.

An Industrial Kitchen with Brick Walls DIY home improvement

Applying a brick wall and make it as the focal point is another industrial kitchen design idea. Apply the brick wall on one side of your kitchen wall. Instead of using upper cabinets, installing some lower cabinets and wall-mounted shelves are enough. It would be great to apply pastel green for the cabinets and shelves. Create extra storage and counter space by installing an island in the middle of the room. Install a hanging rack above the island to store your cookware. Besides that, you can also make your kitchen look brighter by installing a large skylight above the island. Create an eat-in area by placing a table and some padded chairs near the island area.

An Elegant Industrial Kitchen in White DIY home improvement

Out of all the ideas that have been reviewed, this is the simplest industrial kitchen design idea. The kitchen is dominated by the use of white, including the wall and cabinets. White is also used for the counter top of the island, while its base is made of wood. To match the wooden island, place some wooden bar stools around it. A great option for the flooring is brown and black ceramic tile with a geometric pattern. To create an interesting color combination, use a refrigerator and oven made of stainless steel.

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