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4 Kitchen Storage Ideas that Worth to Try

Storage space is definitely needed in every kitchen, moreover, in a small kitchen with limited space. Homeowners tend to use cabinets as the main storage space in their kitchen. Cabinets are able to provide a lot of storage space. However, there are many kitchen storage ideas that can be applied such as installing pot racks, hooks, and so on. For giving you some inspiration, here are a few kitchen storage ideas to try.

Optimize Your Kitchen Wall for Better Appearance

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Optimize the Wall

One of the kitchen storage ideas that will create extra storage space is installing some hanging shelving. You can even maximize the height of the hanging shelving up to the ceiling so that you’ll have more storage space. To avoid monotony, combine hanging shelving and wall shelving. Wall shelving can be used for displaying accessories or putting spices jars.

Classify Your Kitchen Set According to the Function

Classify According to the Function

You certainly want to find your kitchen items easily when you need them, therefore, classify them according to their function. For instance, allocate a cabinet to store tableware such as plates, bowls, and cups, cabinets for storing unused foodstuff, and a row of drawers to store spoons, forks, and knives. It will make your kitchen look neat and well-organized.

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Open or Closed

As you know, kitchen cabinets consist of two types, i.e. open cabinets and closed cabinets. Both of the open cabinets and closed cabinets have their benefits and drawbacks. To create a pretty look, use the open cabinets to neatly place a pile of lovely plates or spices jars. But, the drawback of open cabinets is that you have to always keep them clean and neat. It would be better to use closed cabinets if you have a lot of kitchen items. Coat the cabinet doors with a bright color so that you’ll get a more interesting look. You can also choose frosted glass or sandblasted glass material as an accent.

Install Your Best Kitchen Island Selection

Install a Kitchen Island

Installing an island is also one of kitchen storage ideas to consider applying. The installation of an island in the kitchen will be very useful since it will not only provide extra storage space but also extra counter space.
Happy trying and good luck on applying the kitchen storage ideas above!

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