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Tips on Choosing Plants for a Your Minimalist Garden

For some, the House feels incomplete when it has no children. Unfortunately, the narrow home land as well as the limitations of funds sometimes hold us back to having a cosy garden. But, this time it is not a problem, we can have a minimalist garden that doesn't require too broad area on the home page and the cost is too great. Well, to make a garden with this easy and cheap, there are several things must be noted, for example, the price of concrete panel fence to fence and the selection of the type of plant.

Tips on Choosing Plants for a Your Minimalist Garden

Choose the type of plants for garden teeny we shouldn't carelessly when want to get beautiful garden. Here are a few things that should be heeded when selecting the types of plants for the garden is minimalist in our homes, including:


This is the first thing that we have to pay attention. Indeed, anyway, with a smaller size should have a minimalist garden cost which is also smaller than the larger size garden. However, when we turn out a certain type of plant with target price, then this budget will certainly be greater.


So that the children don't look barren and empty, the grass is growing on the grounds us. The type of grass that is usually chosen for a small garden is a grass lawn and elephants to Japan. Each has advantages and disadvantages that can be customized to the tastes and needs of the US.

Select a small leafy tree

Small trees with lush leaves or width can give the impression of a cool garden. Some types of trees to choose from for example the Palm trees or other mini trees.

Color plants

We recommend that you limit the color of plants in our garden as much as 2-3 colors only. This is to avoid too large number of colors on the grounds that it could make the Park too crowded.

The number of plants

The number of plants can be customized with the magnitude of the garden, large plants, as well as the spread or width of the plant itself. When we select the plants that have spread wide, then it should reduce the number or give a distance of each plant to make room to grow as well as avoiding the garden look too full.

The texture and shape of the plants

In contrast to the color, it would be better if we have variations of texture and form of the plant variety to give more dimension on the grounds.

Well, hopefully the above tips could help the selection of plants for small gardens at home.

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