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Tips On Buying The First House for Your Family

Buying a home that's easy-easy is hard. Let alone the first time You will be buying a home. Not to mention the payment method of your choice any time strongly influenced the process that you will pass through.

Tips On Buying The First House

Your new family or you who are planning to buy a first home? Don't underestimate a number of things below in order not to regret later on. Also, process your transactions run smoothly. The following practical tips for those of you who like to buy first home:

  1. Choose a location
    The location is the most important factor when we bought the House. Then it is reasonable if the world's people know the term, location, location and location. Not only home buyers first, everyone will see your location as the main thing in buying a home. Location with regards to transport, the availability of access to public facilities, whether or not it is safe from the dangers of flooding and so on.

  2. Price
    You need to plan in advance, what price home you want to buy? So you focus more on housing that offers price match you want. Thus you can save time for other activities.

  3. Developers
    Track records before deciding to buy a new home, it's good to see developers who used to be. How to track record developers over the years. Are often late to handover his home? What is the quality of the building in residential project-project before. To find out you can find testimonials about housing or the developers of that on the internet.

  4. Completeness of facilities
    You can select home according to your needs with a variety of facilities offered by the developer. Facilities at least we can see good internal facilities and external call. Intern usually include place of worship, sport facilities, a playground. And that is not as important as well as external facilities i.e. proximity to housing that with hospitals, schools, markets and places of family recreation, be the deciding factor of choice for buyers.

  5. Ease of payment methods
    There are several ways the House payment is usually offered by the developer of hard cash, cash that is gradual and KPR. For those of you who have a sufficient financial capability, how to pay hard cash would certainly be an option. Developer will give you a big discount on the morning of the buyers in this way. But for the ability of the finance functions of pas-pas, how to pay MORTGAGES and cash a long gradual would certainly be an option.

  6. Make sure When the handover of the Unit
    Ask to the developer, when You occupying units can house you buy. In case of delay, the consequences of what will be accepted by the developer.

  7. Additional charges
    After deciding on buying a home, allot additional fees beyond the purchase price of the home. This extra cost usually includes MORTGAGE costs, VAT, cost of increased BPHTB and so on. The amount of these costs vary, and just in case this additional charge quantities usually ranges from 15 percent to 20 percent.

Thus some important things that you should take note of and welcome the first home You choose!

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