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The Most Common Organizing Living Room Mistakes to Avoid!

Organize your living room without the help of the designer indeed produce satisfaction. The character of yourself and more families are reflected in these spaces.

How To Avoid The 10 Most Common Living Room Mistakes

Common Mistakes in Organizing Your Living Room

1. Ignore the size of the room

The size of the room being the one thing that is important. You certainly don't want to buy a piece of furniture that was not fit to be placed in your home. Not only the size of the space and furniture. Note also the size of your door. Don't get a new piece of furniture you bought can not enter into the House.

2. Have more than two or have no focal point

Every room needs a focal point or main focus. Its role is to produce balance in space. However, a great many are not aware of where should they place it. The result is a one room has no focal point. Or even worse, has two focal points.

3. Buying furniture in sets

Buying furniture in sets indeed makes it easy for us. A sofa and a desk or similar pillowcases and tablecloths that are similar. But it was the look of old and ancient. To produce the look of your living room more immediacy, you must use an eclectic concept. That is by way of combining several different pieces of furniture with a balanced proportion. The desired effect is as if each piece of furniture and accessories each other fused but retains his trademark respectively.

4. Ignore the lighting

Most of the family room only rely on one source of light, that a lamp from the ceiling. You still need to use other lighting, such as table lamps and spotlights. There should be some kind of lighting in a living room to make a comfortable space.

5. Too follow the trend

Stylish furniture that you see in magazines and stores do look nice. However, it does not ensure that it will fit in your home. Not to mention the trend following a very specific will make you have to replace the furniture regularly. Therefore, try choosing the furniture with the inedible form times.

6. The furniture is too much

Don't get too excited in buying furniture and accessories. You have to consider the space available in your home. In addition to making the room into a narrow space, with much of the furniture will also create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

7. Family photos in the size of the jumbo

There is still a better place for the large photographs of it. Place the photo was in the stairwell, the living room, or at the end of the corridor of your home.

8. The color of the wood that is too diverse

The color of the wood is indeed produces a warm impression in Your living room. However, try the wood all colors in one color tone. If have to combine different tone, simply with three tone.

9. Apply the layer color inappropriately

Everyone surely knows what colors they want. However, not all the furniture has a similar color. There is a darker and lighter. To ease structuring based on the light of dark color, remember this arrangement. Brighter above, darker below.

10. The Scale is not appropriate

That often happens is people buy sofas that are too big and the carpet is too small. Balancing the scale between the furniture and space is an art all its own. It is not a large closet incorrectly entered into the small room. The most important is how you balance it with other furniture so the room doesn't feel cramped.

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