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Stop 5 Bad Habits That Are Often Done in the Bathroom Here!

Bath is one of the most important needs for maintaining health. With the toiletries, bacteria-bacteria that stick in the body will be lost so that the disease is not easily attacked. However, the bathroom is not enough to maintain the cleanliness of the body. Maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom too so one of the things that must be Mam do. When Mam family and bathe in dirty places, certainly the bacteria still stuck to the skin.

Stop 5 Bad Habits That Are Often Done in the Bathroom Here!

One way to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom is to stop doing the bad habits that are often carried out in the room. A lot of AWE in the bathroom who turned out to be promoted to bathroom hygiene. What are these habits? Here's the answer.

Do Not Close The Toilet While Watering

After waste water, water closet is required. Everyone surely knows that. But people rarely know that before watering the closet we have to shut the closet. In fact, a study revealed, 60% of the users of the toilet is not doing so. Let the open closet when watering the dirt will make small microorganisms that are present in the water can spread approximately 1.8 meters.

One expert on bacteriology, Dr. Charles Gerba, never proved that the bacteria can be quite a long time in the air and forms a layer of dirty all over the room. This certainly imposes on bathroom hygiene so that the bacteria which causes the disease, in particular, is easy to grow.

Store Toothbrushes in Closed Cabinets

Quite a startle, isn't it? Perhaps indeed most of us assume that put the toothbrush in the closet covered to prevent bacteria or germ stuck to fur brush. In fact, this is precisely the habits cause feather brush does not dry up completely. Coupled with a moist closet condition. Certainly this would make bacteria grow and develop more rapidly.

It would be nice if the Mam store your toothbrush in a standing position with feathers at the top. Avoid direct contact with another toothbrush bristles. In addition, replace the toothbrush at least three months to avoid germs that thrived in the old toothbrush.

Let the Towels dry out in the bathroom

Maybe Mam often hang the towels half wet in the shower and let it dry by itself after use. The habit is capable of carrying the bacteria thrives in areas of folds of a towel. Not to mention the rest of the soaps that might potentially cause towel stuck to smell unpleasant.

For that, it's good Mam drying out wet towels with the way the pitch it as wide as possible. Try to pitch it in place with free air or exposed to direct sunlight to prevent growth of bacteria due to the humidity.

Using a cell phone in the bathroom

Often we see Dad or maybe Mam himself who bring cell phones into the bathroom. This brings the potential spread of the bacteria. Still thanks to bacteria that may be soft sand in the bathroom area, the particles will most likely sticking on the surface of the cell phone when using it in the bathroom. Bacteria that stick in your mobile phone will then be moved while Mam received the phone or hold it. It is not impossible that bacteria get into our mouths.

To prevent this from happening, it's good not to bring cell phones into the bathroom. Don't forget to always wash your hands before eating or after waste water in order to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

Store Equipment Makeup in the bathroom

This is often the case, especially for those who like to dress up the Mam in front of the bathroom sink. Bacteria that flying in the bathroom area will be stuck in equipment makeup Mam and grow in such equipment. Imagine if the face of Mam tacked on harmful bacteria that can damage the skin, sure Mam does not want this to happen, isn't it? Therefore, when you do have to dress up in the bathroom, it's good to save equipment makeup in one small box Mam covered and preserved it's drought.

That's some bad habits that are often done in the bathroom and be fatal to health. Starting from now, stop the habit so Mam and your family stay healthy.

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