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How to Sell a House Without an Agent

Sell the House just as much as buying a home that is "easy-easily distress". There are several ways that can be done if you want to sell the House, among others, advertise, contact intermediaries, etc.

How to Sell a House Without an Agent

However, when selling or buying a home with an intermediary would usually spend money more to pay the intermediaries. When you want to sell your own home or without intermediaries, then check out the following tips:

1. Install the Sign Board for Sale

If you want to sell your House, then you have to do a promotion in order to make known to others. One of the promotions that can be done that is put up a sign board "sale without intermediary" in front of the House for sale. In addition, on the Board you can also put your phone number. Use the clear writing in order to be readable by people who drift around the House for sale.

2. Put Your Ad in Print

You must diligently put ads in print media such as newspapers, magazines, or other print media. Advertise in the media on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Why? Because usually the people who are looking for a home will be reading the paper on these days while filling in her spare time.

3. Spread Ads Through Social Media

Current advances in technology have already advanced. For it, when you want to sell your home without an intermediary could be done by way of disseminating advertising through social media, such as fuel, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Advertise as attractive as possible in social media so that others interested in wonder or buying a home you are selling. However, still carefully when wearing this way because it is still the number of scammers out there who ostensibly wants to buy but want to Rob.

4. Activate the Phone Always

When you've put your phone number in the ad, then you should be ready that is always enable the cell phone. You certainly can't guess when prospective buyers would call. If there are prospective buyers who call, then you should describe it clearly in order to interest to visit homes that are for sale or outright purchase.

The fourth way above you can do when you want to sell your current home. Also, be aware that selling a home without an intermediary has its own advantages, i.e. process its bid did not eat the cost, selling price as you want, and so on.

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