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How to Repair a Leaking Roof

If your home was built in the 1980s to 90s, maybe your home has a roof in the form of tiles, zinc or even asbestos. It is a type of roof that has a level of leakage or the level of damage is quite high because it has a less good quality. That becomes another problem is that you usually don't know how to fix a roof that leaked.

How to Repair a Leaking Roof

In addition to the roof of your home have poor quality. There are several causes of a leaky roof on your home that is mounting the roof of your House is not good. In addition to these two factors above, there are natural factors that cannot be avoided. For example, your home's roof was damaged hit by heavy objects.

Ways to Repair a Leaking Roof 

Now we will explain about how to fix a roof that leaked.

Check the Roof Leaked

First, you have to be able to ascertain where the roof leaked. You could do an examination in detail. Usually, the characteristics of leaky roofs will be blackish brown. To be more effective, you can see the roof leaked on rainy days. Mark immediately when you see the roof leaked.

If the Roof of Your House-shaped Asbestos

How to repair a roof is seen form the roof of your home. Normally, if the roof of your house-shaped asbestos, the asbestos that has a cavity because nails will leak. Therefore you must interweave anti-leak to patch the holes. If there is I'm a slack or loose, you can reset the nail nailing. If asbestos is cracked, you can patch up the face with a piece of zinc with a wide crack.

Roof Tiles and Asbestos Is Already Badly Damaged

If you have good asbestos , but still often leaked. That means there is a problem with Your Tile. Try to check the parts of Your Tile, when you cracked or broken tile. Immediately replace it with a new tile, but be careful as roof tiles are very easy to crack.

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Similarly, with asbestos, asbestos if you already badly damaged. You should immediately decide to replace asbestos you. For asbestos, You can call the service Builder so that the work can be more neatly.

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