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How to Make a Gazebo at Home

The gazebo is an open space which became an alternative place to gather the whole family. Typically, the gazebo was built separately from the main building and serves as additional facilities from the House. The placement of the gazebo can be customized with the corner of the House that has the most beautiful view, either in the front garden, in addition to, or in the backyard.

In General, building a gazebo structure created wear semi-permanent materials, lightly, and open. To get to the gazebo. You will also need to make a small road that comes from a collection of rocks. Don't forget. around the gazebo area planted variegated plants flower as a sweetener it.

How to Make a Gazebo at Home

On this occasion, I will give you tips on how to design and decorate a gazebo so that the result is gorgeous:

1. Choose a theme concept Gazebo

Same is the case with the House. There are countless models of the gazebo. Ranging from the traditional-style. Classic. country. until the concept of minimalism. His election can be customized with the concept of themes taken on building the main house. Making traditional gazebo is usually done by making the elements of nature. like a stone. the wood. bamboo. and fiber as the dominance of the Chamber. While. Classic-style gazebo more in imitation of European-style buildings, namely the entire wall will be painted with white color and in the surrounding area, there are a variety of flowers. But for the minimalist-style gazebo. You can build a more open space. Add modern furniture. as well as using this type of neutral colors are typical of the minimalist concept.

2. The size of the Gazebo is Ideal

Calculate the size of the gazebo you can do by adjusting the capacity you want. As an example. for the gazebo, that can hold 4 people. then the ideal size is 2 × 2 meters. That is important. the spacious gazebo sizes do not exceed one-fifth of the home page where the gazebo will be made. It is intended to measure alignment achieved decoration on the area of the home page.

3. Curtains as the carrier of a romantic atmosphere

Want to get a romantic experience in a gazebo? You can put up the curtains on its walls. Just as in the interior of the House. curtains have a silent character who is also capable of presenting a romantic atmosphere outdoors. Themes such as this gazebo are suitable applied. If you are a newlywed and just lived both with couples.

4. Choosing the right Plants

In General. all the beautiful plants will be nice planted around a gazebo area. But. the selection of plants that suit this theme was able to reinforce the theme that is generated. The flowering plant is still the main choice in making a home garden. I suggest you don't plant a large tree near the gazebo. because it will obstruct the lighting goes into the gazebo.

5. The Ideal Position the Gazebo

Usually, the gazebo built right in the middle of the page so when we're in a gazebo. We could see a broader view. For a more interesting position. the outermost corners of the Park could be an alternative. Such a position allows you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the park before it reaches the location of the gazebo.

6. Create a natural atmosphere in the Gazebo

Straw roofs usually become the favorite to decorate the gazebo roof. The roof is capable of presenting a rural impression which makes it look cool. Bamboo also can be present. as both major construction or just accessories. For a more modern natural shades. You can use wood flooring as alas gazebo.

The existence of a gazebo does not only beautify the look of the House. but it is also able to make life in it much more healthy and harmonious. Make it a habit every weekend You enjoy the day with your family to just chat or make an event garden parties. Make a fish pond near the gazebo will also increase their functionality. For the next article, I will give you tips on patio improvement. Good luck!

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