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How To Make Fresh Kitchen

The kitchen always processing identical to be a place of food, cooking, washing dishes and other events that can get dirty and vulnerable-scented kitchen unpleasant. Kitchen dirty, foul-scented and many former stains caused from cooking process can make the kitchen become dull and uninteresting. In fact, the kitchen may very well be one of the favorite spots in the House. In addition to a clean and healthy kitchen, fresh and unique look will make families happy to join Cook together even eating food in the kitchen. How to make a kitchen look more fresh and unique? Here's how to make the kitchen a fresh look can be an inspiration for you:

How To Make Fresh Kitchen

The Design of the Storage Areas in the Kitchen

Create a unique storage to store your glasses and other kitchen equipment. Pegboard, i.e. a hollow boards that could put the hanger can be one of the interesting ideas for hanging kitchen objects. Rewarding at the same time make the room into a more aesthetically.

Exploration Of Backsplash

So cooking is not boring activities, create an interesting backsplash. Beautiful, colorful ceramic mosaics, or even a chalkboard can be an option. The kitchen is becoming more attractive.

Unique Artwork

Not only does the dishes, glasses, or frying pan that you can post in the kitchen, the attractive artwork could bolster the appearance of your kitchen, you know. Display wall clock design or the old school can make the kitchen look more "alive".

Decorate with Plants

Your kitchen will be fresher if adorned with plants or the term kitchen garden. Create a vertical garden in the kitchen can also be suspended, or some small pots in the kitchen. Once the kitchen in your home to be more cool and fresh.

Use Of Raw Materials

Application of raw materials have always been able to give the impression that a different room in the House, including the kitchen. Try using the exposed bricks to give the impression of an unfinished look, your kitchen became more character!

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture in the kitchen can make the room activity in the kitchen more efficient and effective. Multi function furniture that you can use for example, table top set with make sink cover (kitchen sink) a multi function into a table. So, when the cover is lifted, the sink can be used, when it is closed then it be table top.

Process cabinet with a variety of Colors

Cabinet with one color alone tend to make the kitchen look becomes monotonous. Cabinet with a variety of colors will make your kitchen appear more cheerful. If you don't want too many colors, apply bright colors such as yellow and orange can eliminate a grim impression in the kitchen.

Process the old Objects as a decorative element

To make the kitchen more beautiful does not always have to buy new stuff. Use old objects you have, one example of the stairs. Polishing stairs to look like new and hanging horizontally in the ceiling, then the scaffold in the kitchen will be one of the alternatives to hang kitchen objects, and decorative elements that embellish the kitchen.

Make Sure The Kitchen Is Always Clean

Cooking activity vulnerable raises the stains and stubborn dirt. The condition of the kitchen is clean and well-ordered certainly helps you to produce foods that are delicious and nutritious. Aside from cleans Cookware, stoves and the contents of the Cabinet also do not escape to clean. Use the cooker hood when needed especially the kitchen there is no ventilation. Make sure the funnel also wash the dishes is not clogged so that no odor.

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