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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom in Your Home

Do you have a small bedroom to interior styling difficulty? In fact, there are people who can take advantage of the bedroom as a place of work, even the library. How do you do?

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom in Your Home

You have not too spacious bedroom does not have to worry about a shortage of space. Some of the following tips may be you can try!

Organize everything

Small room will be populated more comfortable if his belongings laid out neatly. This means that you must get rid of goods that are less important in the bedroom. The rest of it, can be "hidden" in a drawer or other places so as not to look messy.

Make the most of the space under the bed

If your bedroom is narrow and does not have a ceiling too high, you have to be more creative to mention utilizing each corner space to store goods. The gap in the bottom of the bed can be a place that is easy to store. In this place you can store items such as jackets, gift wrapping paper, and other materials that are not used every day. Wrap these items with a transparent plastic so as not to be exposed to dust. To get the extra storage space, you can elevate the legs of the bed a few centimetres to a maximum.

Select the multi function furniture

When buying a piece of furniture or furniture, select a multifunctional furniture. For example, the bookcase can not only serve as a place to store your books, but also serves as a dressing table. Your clothes drawers or who used only for storing clothes, now can be used as a place to put a light sleep. The bottom line, note any items that could potentially place as extra storage and can be tailored to your style.

Add extra light

It looks like it's common if known good lighting is the key to make the room look cramped. For it always make sure the lighting in your bedroom look bright. Apart from the window, you can also add a variety of models with lights ornaments and height according to taste.

Don't forget the walls

Cramped bedrooms of course can be arranged with the right wall d├ęcor. A mirror that was hanging on the wall not only works when you are grooming, but also help reflect more light into the room and make it look more spacious.

In addition to drape the photos and other art on display, you can also post other accessories on the walls.

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