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How to Create Bedroom Wall Decorations From a Thrift

A bedroom is a private area that we use for rest as well as our place of relaxation so that the body of a full day's use of fresh working again, therefore many people who spend a lot of your budget just to facilitate their bedroom to look pretty so make comfortable and welcome in the rooms, but actually in order to display the room look beautiful is not expensive for example, by utilizing a thrift or not we wear again and change it or term with recycle into an ornate room a unique and interesting, if in the previous article I discussed about the examples of wall hangings from used goods and in posting this time will discuss in terms of creation, namely how to make wall hangings from used items that we can place it on your bedroom.

It turns out used items that we can take advantage of to serve as wall hangings are extremely numerous, ranging from newsprint, wrapping paper, magazines, drinks bottles and much more, just to make use of creativity we then brought new goods more valuable, however, if you are confused or get inspiration digging an idea, then you can just follow this post while practicing alone at home because our article on this time we will give you a tutorial on how to make a wall decoration step by stride or step for the sake of step so it is easy to understand and in working on your own, for more details more yuk us refer to the tutorial below.

How to Create Bedroom Wall Decorations From a Thrift

How To Make Wall Hangings From Paper

Everyone I am sure had a paper at home, then what kind of paper can use are newsprint, wrapping paper or paper type that is like what, well for the first tutorial we'll make wall hangings using duplex paperboard, paper of this type often used for wrapping food, why this one paper we use, because the material is thicker and thus more easily in a form model as we want Now we prepare materials that will be used to create wall hangings.


  • Duplex cardboard paper
  • Scissors
  • The ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Pylox as the color that will be in use

After we prepare equipment or material which we will use, the next step is a way of making it, as I explain above, how fairly easy it's easy even yuk us refer to ways of making it as below.

How To Manufacture

  • Make a rectangular pattern with a width of 4 cm or 3 cm with a 10 cm length (the number of patterns depending on the model we are going to create the larger the size the more the pattern at create)
  • The pattern pieces using scissors which we provide last
  • The pattern shape by way of bringing together the end of the pattern so the Dent
  • Sets patterns and tape with glue
  • Once you have the pattern sets then let the glue dry first
  • And the last stage is staining use pylox we already provide earlier and to the Affairs of the color you can customize to your taste.

Wall decoration from wrapping paper Or Paperboard Using Origami folding Art

It turns out that the art of origami folding can we make as well as the powerful kick in making wall hangings for the bedroom, just like this one that is the art of folding methods we will use to decorate the walls, the material is very simple, namely wrapping paper or carton, please choose a motif wrapping paper in accordance with your preferred.

After we make wall hangings of the paper then the next we will be utilizing other used goods, what are it's further back. we are yups.

How to make an ornament Rooms Of used goods

If the top is specific to the type of wall decoration, then for this time we'll wear thrift for accessories or decoration of bedrooms, for goods or materials that will be in use for the first tutorial we will recycle the bottle cap from a drink mineral water.

Make a trash can from bottle caps


  • Mineral water bottle cap
  • Scissors
  • Cable ties
  • Glue
  • Board with rounded shape
  • nail

How To Manufacture:

  • First Give the bottle caps into holes 4 point
  • Connect with cable ties
  • Next create a circular like the picture above.
  • and then stacking up using glue
  • the cable ties cut with scissors we have prepared earlier
  • For the pedestal we use boards

For the next while, I will be giving a tutorial on how to make lamps for the bedroom by using plastic spoon.

Make Decorative Lamp bedroom from Plastic Spoons

Bedroom lamps is lamps usually have sufficient lighting Dim, to be able to have the lamps proved to be a big Fund doesn't need you just prepare the following materials.


  • Plastic spoon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • 1500 bottles of drinking water and the pieces on the bottom
  • Green cardboard paper (as accessories leaves)
  • Pylox as dye
  • Cables and switch the lights
  • Lights
  • Stalk

How To Manufacture:

  • The first is preparing plastic bottles that we already cut last
  • Cut the handle of plastic spoon
  • Glue it on the plastic bottle scoop we already cut last, preferably before we glue paint in advance with the color of your choice, but we will be in touch to make lamps the pineapple then my colors we will use is the color yellow
  • Sets such as images, for paper cartons green color, we can create patterns such as the picture above
  • Next attach the leaves on top of the lamp
  • Not easily done, now you look antique bedroom with a touch of unused items that are in the room.

How after I serve some tutorials how to manufacture a decoration bedroom wall above, do you already have a concept for your bedroom of course, hopefully this article can be useful for all readers.

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