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How to Choose a Wallpaper That Matches Your Room

Many people choose to paint the walls of the House when approaching the feast Eid al-Fitr or Eid Al-adha. The renovation of this one may not spend a lot of money, but it will confiscate a lot of time and effort because often spatter (a splash of paint) littering your home. If you do not want to elaborate, why did you not try to capitalize on the wallpaper? Although relatively expensive for some people, but the wallpaper offers a variety of convenience for the homeowner. Including practicality because installation does not take long, until a janitor because guaranteed you will not bother to clean-up the House after the installation of the wallpaper is complete. Creative wallpaper not limited to play in color, pattern, and motifs.

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How to Choose the Right Wallpaper in Your Home

For those of you who have relatively limited funding, the wallpaper you can also combine it with paint the walls. In fact, if the combination just right, you may be creating an atmosphere that is fresher without spending a huge cost. The combination of the room between the wall paint and wallpaper you can use both for the small and large-sized room. Wallpaper is placed on one side of the room. While the other hand using paint the walls plain. Do not put the patterned wallpaper across the room because it will give the impression of narrow. The selection of wallpaper according to our designers should pay attention to several aspects. In addition to the size of the room, the other also noteworthy interiors ranging from the type of flooring, furniture until the curtain that is in the room.

For the walls of the room with low ceilings, we recommend selecting the wallpapers that are vertical. This form will conjure up a room is small and short to be impressed. Create a ceiling light-colored to create the impression of height. If the room is narrow but high ceilings so we advise choosing wallpaper motifs horizontally with light colors to create the impression of length. As for the color of the ceiling, we recommend that you choose a darker color than the walls.

There are many reasons people lining the walls of the House with the paper coating the walls. Wallpaper became a means to get an impression of the wall more expressive. The pattern, motif, and the color of the wallpaper are very diverse makes the walls to life. In addition to practical and expressive wallpapers are also more durable than ordinary wall paint. If viewed from the resilience, wallpaper can also be said to be more durable, to good quality wallpapers, resilience can reach eight to 10 years.

In contrast to the minimalist home, I suggest you choose the color of the light. While if you House oriental-style, the color of the gold is the choice. Most people choose a minimalist motif because most homes now take that theme, simple but modern look, our designers said. Modern minimalist wallpaper is usually dominated by natural colors such as white, gray, silver, beige, Brown to purple. The motive and the pattern of the wallpaper is usually not too flashy and relatively simple, for example, the shape of a vertical line is even there is also the plain.

Most minimalistic wallpaper has a bright color, this is to get around the small room. light colors will make the room look spacious, so for a minimalist house with narrow spaces, our architect  recommend to choose light colored wallpapers with style and small motifs. whereas if represents the wide space, so its inhabitants have the freedom to explore with a dark color and pattern. If the House is narrow, given the dark colors, it makes visible the more narrow, said designers.

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Select the wallpaper also requires skill. Therefore, we recommend for beginners to use interior design consulting services when it wants to install the wallpaper. A consultant can help in finding a suitable wallpaper for each room. This is important because in our opinion any room in the House has a different function because that's the wallpaper from any room. For example between the adult's bedroom and children's bedroom. If adults prefer a simple motif, but if children should be made more colorful that is able to provoke their creativity.


How to Clean Wallpaper

The use of a wet washcloth can be applied on wallpaper made of vinyl which is indeed stronger than the material paper. Wallpapers-this could even be cleaned with soapy water. In Bet Professional Interior also have vinyl wallpaper with fabric backing. This material allows the wallpaper can be removed and installed again, without damaging the wall. Our design explains, a vinyl coated wallpaper has a layer of acrylic over the surface, so it is quite resistant to oil stains, damp temperatures and more tolerant in the cleaning process. It's just that, you should avoid the use of abrasive cleaners, coarse, sponge or pumice stone as it will rip a layer of vinyl wallpaper.


How to Clean Walls and Wallpaper

Lime is a very powerful natural ingredients to root out stubborn stains. Then, when You accidentally exposed wallpaper splash stains, such as former drinks, soy sauce, and other impurities that are difficult to clean, You could use a pressing of lemon . After pressing it, enter the water of lemon into warm water and rub it on the walls of the wallpaper using a soft sponge. Let sit a few moments, then the former lap polishing sponges wear smooth cloth to dry. Special wallpapers cloth, you can use the brush with warm water and the pressing of a lime.


How to Green Clean Your Wallpaper

As a finishing touch clean wallpaper, you can use the dry cleaning to dry with paper your walls immediately. Things you have to do is keep the brightness of the color. Dry cleaning can also be applied occasionally to textile wallpaper.

Hopefully, our dish above is useful and can provide inspiration for you who want to give color to the walls of your room with Wallpaper. You can contact our marketing for other information regarding the interior design.

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