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How to Choose Paint Colors for the Minimalist House

Because of its small size, the minimalist home interior designing easy-easily distress. Wrong, the House will look cramped and steamy. Wall paint colors not just decorating a room, but also the effect on the mood of its inhabitants. For that you also have to be careful when choosing the right color. Some new housing adopted the minimalist modern design both on the exterior and interior parts when designing his home.

How to Choose Paint Colors for the Minimalist House

According to experts, interior design, you do not need to follow the middle color combinations into a trend, because generally only survive about six months. Instead, choose a color that matches your character and your private room, so that better reflect their owners.

Even though it is free, but you can't hit because of color do origin could make the Chamber impressed mess. As a beginner, try to choose a color that can give the effect of relief on the room. The following four colors that you can choose to paint the room is minimalist.

Neutral colors

This is the basic options for those of you who don't like to experimented with color. Combination of colors between black, grey, light brown, white and beige can be your choice.

Neutral colors are very flexible to be applied to any room in the House. But, not at the recommend choose only one color in a room. Select at least two colors to decorate Your minimalist home.


Purple color such as lilac or lavender can give the impression of a comfortable and relaxes in a room. Try to select this color for bedroom and dining table to the minimalist style of the room. You can also add these shades on the window frames and so on.


Just like purple, blue also gives the impression of a quiet and comfortable so that it can lower blood pressure. This color fit for bathrooms and bedrooms at home Your minimalist. Select a light blue color in the combine with dark blue and white to make room look more fresh.


The green color is very refreshing for the eyes, it's the color of this fitting is applied in almost all the rooms.

Tips to apply color paint minimalist

Light colors can also be applied, but only as ornaments. You can put it on one side wall only, or on a door, and so on. Principle, do not exceed 15% of the total area of the field of your walls.

It doesn't hurt to play bright colors, but keep in mind, don't be too much of a mix of bright colors. This will result in making the home look solid.

If you really want to combine two different colors, in choosing one primary colors suggest only. Other colors can be used on a list or list under the ceiling, pillars of the ceiling, or a small part of the wall only.

While it is exterior area for minimalist House, you can choose the colors that match the feel of the neighborhood in order to not look conspicuous.

For example, if there are lots of trees and greenery, you can choose natural colors such as blue or green. Solid color more recommended than selecting neon colors or pastels is too soft.

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