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How to Choose Paint Color for Your Favorite Kitchen

The kitchen is an area that may often ignore when You start building a House. Though rarely used it, in fact the kitchen is one of the important place that will be your place to cultivate food for the whole family. Interesting kitchen will be one of the factors for you to feel comfortable when cooking. So, it is important to note the paint color selection for Your favorite kitchen. I will share 3 tip choose paint for your dream kitchen.

How to Choose Paint Color for Your Favorite Kitchen

The Kitchen Walls

It's good You don't stress when start choosing the color for kitchen walls. First you need to do is knowing that you need to use 50% of the whole wall to install a closet cabinet. So the rest of his new 50% you would think to install backsplash kitchen (kitchen walls used to deny a splash of water and oil) and other non-paint area.

Well, according to wall area you need new paint you can think of. For the kitchen, you should avoid using a dark color. If You want bright colors, choose a softer tone. Instead, if you feel a lot of openings in the kitchen, you can maximize the effects of color and lighting through a brightly colored wall paint. Do not forget to adjust the also with the theme color of the interior of the House that you want.

If you have trouble with smudges of food that would make dirty cat, it's good to choose the type of paint that is different from the ordinary interior paints. You can use any kind of paint vinyl silk half glossy, scratch resistant, and rubbing resistant. When accidentally hit by a wall of dirt, you simply spray the water and wipe it away.

Wardrobe Cabinet

The most common options that are commonly used for kitchen cabinet is a material thermofoil. This type is made of plastic which is applied as a layer of the end surface of the cabinets. The greatest advantages of choosing this material is immune against moisture. Thermofoil more easy to clean and cheaper than traditional wooden cabinets. Plus there are also many varieties of colors and shapes of the closet thermofoil.

However, if you choose other material for the closet doors, then you will need to check carefully whether Your wardrobe is indeed sufficient to be painted. When choosing cabinet coloring make sure you see the suitability of color cabinets with paint the color of the walls. When bright colors already chosen for kitchen cabinets, then choose a neutral color like black and white, color, or color with a soft tone to paint your walls.

The ceiling of the kitchen

For the kitchen ceiling, I suggest that you not too play a variation of color there. You can take a cat with a white base color or gradation of colors such as white, cream, putty, or other neutral colors. It is caused when you select a dark color for your kitchen ceiling, it will be able to make the room feel cramped and stifling.

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