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How To Care For Sofa To Keep It Looking Always New

The sofa is one of the important furniture seen in a dwelling because of the large size and usually always available in the living room and family room. Sofa made of various materials, ranging from leather, cotton, velvet, and more. A wide array of diverse material anyway. Therefore we recommend that you take care of your sofa durable and always look new. We have tips and tricks on how to care for your home sofa to always look clean and durable.

How To Care For Sofa To Keep It Looking Always New

1. Avoid the sofa from direct sunlight so that the color is still awake and not easily fade. When at home You nurture pets, and again there is little kids running around the couch, you should always clean your couch every day using a vacuum cleaner. If the cover sofa made of textured fabric that is easy to ' capture ' dust, then put more attention on the corners of the couch which usually become nests of dust and fleas. If necessary, before being sucked, wipe the part using a plastic brush.

2. Chair pads-bathing in the Sun once a week, more or less for 1 hour. Don't forget, at-at and Flip-Flip bearings so that the dust that clings to is missing. So, fill the bearing will be diffusing and keep bulging. Do not overcook drying under the Sun because it fades the color and pattern of the bearings.

3. To keep your sofa to keep it looking good as when first purchased, rotate or change the position of the placement of the sofa cushions regularly and avoid sitting in the same place every time sitting on the couch

4. If the sofa is exposed to stains, clean immediately. When it is too late, the stains will be difficult to clean. Especially when the sofa is made of delicate materials, such as silk, linen, leather, or velvet. Do not use chemical fluids if you do not know how to use it. Use plain water, wipe with a dry cloth, then dry. To dry it, leave it exposed to the wind. Do not use a blow dryer, especially if made of silk, because the fabric sofa can constrict.

An assortment of materials handling way anyway assortment, here are tips on how to clean a sofa in accordance with material covering each.

  • Cotton Material. If your sofa cotton, to clean it you simply by using water or ironed.
  • Polyster Materials. If your sofa cover made of this, then be sure not to be exposed to water. The best way to clean it with dry cleaning.
  • Silk (silk). Cover sofa with this material are very rarely used, usually used for pillowcases a sofa. The best way to clean it by using a dry Cleaning. Similarly, if your sofa cover of woll.
  • Leather. Cover sofa leather is most widely used, how to clean it up is to use a damp cloth and rub it on the affected area a touch of hands, fingers and the head.

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