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Different Types of Foundations in Building Construction

The Foundation, is the structure of a building located in the layout position of the bottom of a building. The selection of the proper Foundation, it is worth noting, because it will concern the safety and building structure. Especially when the building was erected on land or how much structure, which requires the selection of an appropriate Foundation type.

Generally its use, the Foundation is distinguished into three types namely:

  • The Shallow Foundation
  • The Deep Foundation 
  • The Foundation plate and powerboats

Different Types of Foundations in Building Construction


The Foundation was created with the depth of entry to the land is relatively shallow, only a few meters the entry into the ground. One type that is often used is the Foundation of the usual shots of the houses, made of concrete or stone couples, continued burden of wall and column building to the ground hard. Therein consists from:

  • Local Foundation
  • The Foundation of the successor
  • The Foundation plates
  • The Foundation of the construction of the nest of spiders

The Foundation in the widely used used to transmit the loads of the building past the weak soil layer at the top to the bottom layer. Examples include powerboats, pillar drill, kaison, and such. Its mention being able varies depending on the discipline or market. for example: the Foundation of powerboats.


The Foundation is made with enough depth in the entry to the ground. The goal is to give the concentration of pressure that is not directed to a pair of rocks or hard soil, but rather directly to the Foundation in. The Foundation in the vast runway normally has the shape of a square or circle, which is the goal of the Foundation received pressure to divide as much direction. Into the Foundation, and the type of soil structure on the creation of the Foundation in the very must be observed. It is aimed at getting the building perpendicular and symmetry, so the given load is also perpendicular.

The Foundation in the usual combined with a shock of earthquake which aim maintains the shape of the whole building when the earthquake occurred. The building will be following the earthquake motion flow, due to combined (a type per) in the Foundation in the so, the object of the Foundation is focused on pressure, so that the building is able to stick with a solid foundation.


Some kind of Foundation that can be used in any development of the traditional start to the modern. Here is some kind of Foundation that is circulating in the world development:

  1. The Foundation of the soles (for home staging)
  2. The Foundation of the Rollag Brick (for itself)
  3. The Foundation Stones (for Building a simple 1-2 floor)
  4. The Foundation Bricks (for Building simple)
  5. The Foundation of the Tread or Chicken Claws (for building 2-3 Floor)
  6. The Foundation Pit (for Building 3-4 floors)
  7. The Foundation of Bored Pile or Strauss pile (for Floors)
  8. The Foundation pillar of Earth Nail or Stake (for floors)

The following have been mentioned various foundations that are frequently used in the construction of a building, especially in Indonesia. Next let us study more about each type of Foundation.

The Foundation Structure for Home Staging

The Foundation of the Soles (for home staging) is the sole Foundation type of the simple foundations have been used by the people of Indonesia since ancient times. The Foundation is made of concrete without bone printed form limas rectangle as in the picture beside.

This Foundation work system implemented a system of planting. So this Palm Foundation holding the columns embedded in it so it doesn't fall into the ground. As is the case when we use a stand that is flat or stand more width for standard motor when in place on land that is mushy.

The Foundation of the Rollag Bricks (Anchoring to floor)

Rollag brick is a simple function of the Foundation not to transmit the load of the building, but rather to balance the positions of the floor so that it doesn't happen on the other end of the floor. vanish The Foundation is usually used to create a terrace House, its function is similar to the pendant but sloof rollag sloof not as strong as brick hanging and not as expensive as sloof.

The Foundation Stones (for Building a simple 1-2 floor)

The foundation stone is the Foundation of the retaining wall used in buildings is simple. The Foundation is made up of stones and the adhesive that is a mixture of sand and cement. Usually a mix of aggregate to glue the stones this time using comparison 1:3 because the stones will always receive seepage water which comes from the ground. So thus requires a stronger mix of restrained seepage.

The Foundation Bricks (for Building simple)

Just as the Foundation Stone, the Foundation bricks have the same functionality. But what separates the two is just the materials used as well as the natural conditions in the surrounding area. Because brick is vulnerable to water, then the installation should be maximal meaning brick installed should be well-covered. Note the example of the Foundation Brick below.

The Foundation of the Tread or chicken claw (for building 2-3 Floor)

The Foundation is a foundation footprint is widely used by the people of Indonesia when it set up a building. Especially the building as well as the building that stands on the ground soggy. The Foundation footprint found by the Late Prof Ir Sediyatmo tsb, and developed by Prof. Ir. Bambang Suhendro, Dr. harry Christady and Ir Maryadi Darmokumoro, known for its chicken claw System Modifications (CAM). Modifications made are: replacement of a concrete pipe into a thick thin steel pipe 1.4 mm, the calculation in 3 dimensions and the addition of "koperan" on the edge of the slab. The system has been in the tsb test CAM full scale by Acehnese remain vulnerable road and Bridge Road Line Indramyu-Pemanukan (2007) and used in the highway section 4 Macassar (2008).
Download way of calculation and the technique of making the Foundation chicken claw for buildings
The Foundation Pit (for Floors)

The Foundation of the well has the same functionality with the footplat Foundation. The Foundation of the well Foundation is a mixture of coarse aggregate which is inserted into a hole shaped like a well with irons therein. The Foundation is commonly used on land which the labile and has the sigma 1.50 kg/cm2. The Foundation pit can also be used for story building much like a medium rise that is composed of 3-4 floor with the terms of the State of the land is relatively hard. The following example of Foundation pit.

The Foundation of Bored Pile or Strauss Pile (for Floors)

The Foundation of Bored pile used for story building much like the flats which have floor 4-8 floors. The Foundation is shaped like a nail that then plug it into the ground with the use of heavy equipment. The following is an example of the bored pile foundation.

The Foundation pillar of Earth Nail or Stake (for floors)

The following Foundation is the foundation that is widely used for construction such as many-floored Apartment, Condominium, Office Rent and so on. The Foundation is almost the same as the Foundation of bored pile. But the Foundation of the powerboats have greater strength compared to the Foundation of bored pile. The following example Foundation powerboats.

Thus some brief explanations about the type of Foundation that is commonly used on many different types of buildings in Indonesia.

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