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Victorian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Implementing Victorian bedroom d├ęcor ideas in your house can be a lot of fun, especially for women who dream to live like a queen.  Most of us prefer a Victorian design because they tend to create a glamorous look, which can support your feminine taste.  It can be seen from the use of furniture, the pattern and also the colors. In the previous article we already discussed the type of color which will suit the Victorian theme, while for now we will move to how to decorate a Victorian bedroom for private use.

Maroon, violet, blue, and deep green are said to be the perfect colors for a Victorian bedroom since those colors create a bold and rich atmosphere for your bedroom. You can also apply a wall print which symbolize the Victorian era. Both paintings and Victorian wallpaper will work best for your Victorian bedroom.

As for the furniture, you might prefer the use of wooden material especially for the bed. If possible, you should choose something which is polished in dark brown to strengthen the classical look of your bedroom.  A great bed which is made from mahogany and walnut are the types of material recommended.  As an additional touch, you should also apply a luxury fabric for the bedcover which will create a balanced look for your gorgeous bedroom.

For the flooring, hardwood will be a must. If possible, choose a darker color flooring. An oriental rug in a red tone is the best choice.  You also need to consider the use of accessories including candle holders, porcelain, great mirror, antique photographs and/or paintings. Adding silver and a golden touch to your accessories can also support the rich look of your bedroom.

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