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Tiny Bathroom Design Tips

What comes to your mind when talking about a design for a tiny bathroom? What do you expect it to be? Basically, when it comes to tiny bathroom design, you just need to use minimum furniture on your without diminishing the main elements that are important. A bathroom usually functions well without any accessories except for a shower, sink, toilet, and a few essential fixtures.

For the walls of the bathroom, we won’t find any decor except a small mirror which is placed above the sink. We won’t find anything else in this small area because it only has limited space to be used, so adding furniture might be a nuisance. This is why small bathroom design  ideas dictate that you play with color, tiles, and flooring materials rather than furniture.

Colors play an important part in creating an effect in your bathroom, Bright colors for a small bathroom might work best since these will make your bathroom look more spacious. You might add darker colors to strengthen the lines in your bathroom as these will also create an impression of a larger bathroom.

As for the tiles, you can choose to use small or large tiles to be applied in your bathroom. These are fabulous for a small bathroom design because they can be used both for the bathroom flooring and the walls. Using a contrast or darker color for the floor tiles that matches white bathroom walls will create a fabulous effect especially when you choose the larger ones.

Installing tiles in the lower half of the walls is is preferable, since these are water resistant and won’t be broken or scratched.  Aside from applying tiles for your flooring, you can also use vinyl or hardwood; since they both create a natural look for your bathroom. They are also easy to clean, reducing the risks of falls and slips.

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