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The Basic Rest Room – All You Need to Know!

What is the basic bathroom like? No, not the fancy one with a basket of hand towels and scents lined up; but a basic one. That is what you need to achieve for your home.

Start off by completing the list of things you need. Make sure the shower tray is fixed against the wall. The soap trays should contain soap. The toilet paper holder needs to hold a tissue roll and don’t forget to fill liquid detergent in the detergent container next to your sink.

Your very basic bathroom may not have a basket full of hand towels and handkerchiefs. However, the towel holder next to your sink should have a separate towel, preferably a hand towel; whereas, the one close to your shower should have a big sized bath towel.

Another item to note is a shower mat. This may not sound like one of the basic things, but be sure, that it is! Stepping out of the shower, one definitely needs a bath and/or shower mat.

Equip the contour with the sink with all the necessary items of use such as the shampoo, conditioner, and any other things that one may require. Containers are available for tooth brushes and tooth pastes. Use them to cluster the brushes and toothpaste.

Make your bathroom comforting to the eyes, as well as the nose! Use a constant source of scent in your bathroom to keep it from bad smell. Use a wiper to drain out clogged water. Make your space neat, and use just the items that you direly require!

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