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Table Tops and Décor!

Your table top will largely impact the look that becomes of your table, and hence, your entire room. Rest assured how the top of your table looks will contribute to your room. So step in and do not leave this unnoticed! There are certain varieties as to how you can surface your table. Let’s take a look.

How to Start?

First, gauge what will suit your room. It also depends if the mood is formal or informal. Are you entertaining your guests there? Are you simply using it for personal use? Do you want to keep it prim and proper, or use it roughly?

Exactly! Answer all these questions, and begin designing. In your bedroom, it is mostly suitable to have a wooden table top. However, the living room might look better with a glass topped over a wooden table. One of the most popular arenas of considering a table top comes when choosing a dining table! While most people like wooden tops, a lot of times you may like something fancy, something extravagant. Hence, a glass topped dining table is popular in many households.

Add Diversity

Designing the table for everyday use in your kitchen? Best is to use a wooden table top for it. Wooden tops are more durable as compared to glass. Looks matter, after all. But in a place like your kitchen or study room, durability is an essential factor to be considered. Sometimes, carved table tops may look good too because they’re new, trendy and now!

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