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Space-Saving Designs for Small Bedrooms

A small house is generally the second choice after an apartment for urban societies. Well, perhaps they think that an apartment is much more practical than a small house. However, for some urban people, a small house is more practical and maybe more efficient compared to an apartment.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. Therefore, it inevitably needs a good design in order to ensure the comfort of the occupants. But, what if we have small bedroom space due to space-saving efforts? Of course, it’s not a big deal, if we plan and design it creatively.

A problem with small bedrooms is the organization of the storage facility. To create a space-saving small house design, you can’t put in any more furniture. It’s the same for a small bedroom. One closet and one dressing table are enough to fill the space. Therefore, you have to optimize the storage capacity of the closet. Integrate more shelving in the closet to store more items. The top of the closet also can store many items.

Besides the closet, you can also maximize the bed to achieve space-saving small house design. If you occupy the bedroom with your spouse, choose a queen size bed rather than a king size. To enhance the space-saving theme, seek a bed that has a built-in storage space underneath. This will  efficiently save more space and make the bedroom free of clutter.

The wall is the biggest part of every room, especially the bedroom. To make sure the presence of the space-saving small house design in your bedroom, optimize the wall as accessory showcase or storage space. Install some simple-designed shelves to store books, photos, and many more. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t fill the shelves with too many accessories, and always remember to keep it simple.

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