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Small Bathroom Inspiration and Design

Small bathroom inspirations for design can be gathered from books, magazines, and websites. Adorning a small bathroom can be frightening for some people. The limited space is not a big deal if you can find the best inspiration to decorate it. You can make this tight area more spacious.

The old toilet in your bathroom should be replaced with a new one. The old model is usually bulky and can contribute to the tightness in the bathroom. If you want a spacious feel, you can shop for a new toilet with a sleeker and slimmer look. Simplicity in the bathing area can exude a larger feel. You should avoid any clutter in the room as well.

The floors, accessories, furniture, and walls should be accented in easy and effortless designs. Don’t set any extended vanity for it can consume a lot of space. Use a vanity in a neutral color. You can go for a pedestal sink or a wall mounted sink to save valuable space. If you want to accommodate the items and necessities in the bathroom, you can install shelving. You can set it on the wall or even in the corner. The pattern on the floor can create an illusion of a bigger space, so set tiles diagonally.

If the space is too limited and you cannot have a bathtub, you can install a corner shower area. The full bathtub should be skipped. The shower area can be partitioned by using a curtain. If you want to use a solid door in the shower area, you can install a glass door. The last thing to note is the color scheme. Pick soft shades to bring about a bright look. Color schemes for small bathroom inspiration include beige, white, blue, or even orange.

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