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Shower Room Design Ideas

Science has allowed us to use high technology designs for showers. These are available in various designs and functions which we haven’t imagined as possible. Some of them look like transparent cubes, but there are also shower designs that are available in the shape of eggs.  In this article, we will discuss several modern shower designs that are available in various stores.

First is a design which is inspired by nature and looks like a metallic tree branch. This type of shower is appropriate for outdoor use. Portable showers can also be chosen for an outdoor use as they are often equipped with solar panels and water controls so you can set the amount of water and the temperature for your bath.

Rice grain showers are inspired by the shape of of rice grains. These showers are often equipped with sliding doors, LED lighting systems, spray controls, heat systems, and hydraulic massage systems. Kit showers almost have similar designs as that of the rice grain shower but it is made from poly-ethylene. You can also choose to use luxury eco-showers created by Ross Bonne if you don’t really like to have a closed oval shower for your bathroom.

Box type showers are now one of the favorites since they are usually designed using transparent glass or plastic. Inax showers are one of the best choices as they are made from glass and equipped with black pillars and support lighting.  There are also aquabox  showers which come in the form of cubicles, but their benefits come from their purified systems, color therapy kits, sauna, and lighting systems.

When you want a shower equipped with a bathtub, eco-zonday modern showers might be the answer. These are bathtubs equipped with shower systems as well as water sensors and purifiers. There are also puma smart shower system designs, green showers, solar powered showers, and photo showers that are now available in online markets.

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