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Personal Space for School Going Children

School going kids are confronted with a different nature of lifestyle altogether. Growing up is a gradual process, but when the school growing age flogs in, a whole new set of responsibilities emerges. Personal space and how they spend their free time largely contributes to their performance.

Every school going kid should be confined a place to themselves, whether in their bedroom, or outside of it.  A separate study room is an ideal condition! However, a relatively smaller space will also do the function.

How to Start Designing?

When you finally get hold of the space, begin to decide how the walls should be like. Most kids will prefer a bright or a light colored paint as a dull shade would lower their spirits. To keep awake and to remain attentive, vibrancy is a must!

Start Furnishing

A writing table should be furnished in a corner; nor too big or small. In fact, just the right size, that provides drawers to stack books, sheets, notes, pens and pencils and sundry items.

Other Accessories

For a school going kid, a dose of general knowledge is a must. Therefore, a stack of newspapers, a soft board against the wall and a world map or globe can best provide the platform they may be looking for.

What to Keep In Mind Lastly!

However, just as an educational space is primal, so is recreation. For a school going child, computer games and other board games are as essential. Therefore, a computer, for purposes of research, gaming, browsing, learning and adventure—holds importance. Make sure your child has the balance of both worlds in his or her little cocoon!

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