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Nice Bathroom Floor Ideas

The bathroom is usually associated with tiles and is almost found in every house. Bathrooms  come in various shapes and colors that are easy to install even for amateurs. However, tiles are not the only choice that you have for bathroom flooring as there are more materials that can be used for the bathroom. There are several materials used as bathroom flooring which will be discussed in this article.

Wooden materials for the bathroom are usually installed to create a warm look, but not all wooden materials are suitable for bathroom use. Solid wood is uncommon since it is easily stained, but teak and bamboo which are now commonly applied as bathroom flooring.

Natural stones can also be applied as bathroom flooring since they can create a natural look. If you want to achieve a sense of the outdoors to your bathroom, placing natural stones might help you with your goal. The problem is that stones might get slippery when the become wet. Unpolished stone might be less slippery than polished products but they require a sealant to reduce the stain. Small stones are also attractive choices since these can be  mixed with cement and less slippery.

Vinyl is also common in the bathroom. It is water resistant because it is made from plastic. Aside from this, vinyl is available in various patterns, and are less expensive and easy to clean.  Remember that you should be careful in applying vinyl in the bathroom because some of them produce a chemical staining reaction after direct contact with rubber.

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