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New Bathroom Designs

Today’s architectural design is not only concerned about the exterior and interior design of the house, but also the design of the bathroom. When most modern houses try to create simplicity for the interior and exterior design, a bathroom design tends to follow the same trend; that is why we also find the same atmosphere and design in the current model of modern  bathroom.

A bathroom should not only demonstrate simplicity, but also the accessories should keep in tone with the design of the bathroom. Most modern toilet and shower designs try to create a maximum function for their shape as well as being as water efficient as possible. Modern designs should maximize the function of each tool and space that you have in your bathroom.

Tile and hard wood flooring are the most important component for modern bathroom design because they are easy to lay and cleaned. You can also lay stone, carpet, laminate, and vinyl for the flooring in your bathroom. These materials are waterproof which reduces the chance of accidents.

As for the walls, natural colors are still one of our recommendations because they suit the main theme of the house. They can match other bathroom utilities, create a  brighter look for your bathroom, and keeps your bathroom looking clean and tidy.

If you want to add accessories to your bathroom, a mirror can be one of your solutions. Try to place an attractive design for your bathroom. Silver material can work for your modern looking bathroom as well, but you need to avoid the use of furniture in your bathroom except for private cabinets. You need enough spare space where you can enjoy your bathing time. Don’t let your bathroom look cramped.

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