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Modern Bathroom Ideas!

Modern Bathrooms have emerged rapidly across the world, especially in newly built houses. Even though the basic function of a traditional and a modern bathroom remains the same, there are different aesthetic techniques that make both of them significantly different.

What Makes Them Different From Conventional Bathrooms?

The idea of having a relatively smaller bathroom is slowly fading out in modern bathrooms. Modern bathrooms are wide and spacious! And when we call them “modern”, they have to fulfill the idea of anything unconventional in every aspect.

Begin Designing!

Place an unconventional bathtub one that is different, more elegant and a completely different shape. Place a curtain in front of it. The curtain could be of any fabric, from net to plastic and everything in between. However, it is advised to avoid opaque curtains as they have a traditional feel.

In a modern bathroom, everything should be a fancy to your eyes. Therefore, something appealing on the walls such as bubble mosaic should serve the purpose. Bubble mosaic and such wallpapers are available in a variety of shades. Make your bathroom more unconventional by choosing the wall behind the bathtub to be of a wholly different color and texture. Use feature walls, they are not just for living rooms and bedrooms; but may help design a lavish bathroom!

Use a chair or two to place in the space between the sink and the bathtub. Wall paintings and other forms of hangings, along with some flower arrangement are common to furnish modern bathrooms.

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