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Latest Wooden Bathroom Door Types

In today’s designs, we rarely see a wooden door which is applied for a bathroom. Many people decide to use a glass sliding door which is claimed to be one of the modern trends. There are reasons why people don’t really use a wooden door anymore. Among these include reasons that the material is said to be non eco-friendly, more expensive and does not support the small space of your bathroom.  Even though we don’t really use this type of door anymore, there are still some bathroom wooden door variations which can be chosen especially for classic houses.

There are three materials for bathroom door types which are now available in the current market. These include wooden panel doors, aluminum, and vinyl panel doors.  Wooden panels for a bathroom door will be troublesome because they get damaged easily and they don’t stand up to a wet environment.  Using this type of wooden door for your bathroom will be an inconvenience since you need to make a regular replacement which will be more expensive.

Aluminum panel doors are more waterproof than the wooden ones, and they are also made of an anti-corrosive material which can be designed in various ways.  Some of us might prefer having this type of bathroom door because it supports the atmosphere of modern houses, but their plain look will be undesirable for a classical or tropical house.

Vinyl bathroom doors are more preferable than the aluminum or wooden ones as they are made from plastic which make this type of door resistant to water and a wet environment.  Their designs are elegant which support any bathroom theme. They are also available in various colors and easily matched with any type of handle.

These three are the latest bathroom door designs. A wooden door will be suitable for a dry bathroom, while the aluminum one will be perfect for a modern house.  Vinyl panels are more flexible in design which make them suitable for installation in various homes.

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