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Japanese Bedroom Designs and Models

Sometimes you might want to create a different aura for your bedroom, especially if the one you looks unattractive because you can find them in every house. You might want to create a bedroom which is similar with the place where you went to for your honeymoon or one of your favorite places during your holiday.

Japan might one of your choices since they have a rich culture and almost everybody loves their art. Nowadays, you can create a Japanese atmosphere in your bedroom where you will be surrounded by their eccentric art.

Before creating a Japanese atmosphere for your bedroom, you might ask what Japanese room looks like? Do you also apply tatami in your bedroom? If it is so then you will need a seasonal treatment to clean the tatami and it might inconvenience you.

Well actually, a Japanese room basically consists of the tatami and Japanese sliding door, but you don’t need to use both of them to create a Japanese looking bedroom. You might choose a Japanese sliding door which matches wooden flooring, or maybe play with the Japanese wall accessories, interiors, and furniture.

You can add lanterns to replace the chandelier since it can create a warm lighting for your room. Besides, lanterns can effectively crate a Japanese atmosphere especially when you use the white ones. You can add a flower arrangement which represents the ikebana style. Adding accessories made from washi paper can also be great; since they are now available in modern looking art.

As for the furniture, you can choose to have small wooden crafting cupboards which can be placed next to or at the foot of your bed. One thing you should note about making a Japanese looking bedroom is the height for the bed.You should not make them too high to naturally capture the Japanese style. Adding Japanese style bed covers is also recommended so you can have your Japanese atmosphere where ever you are.

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