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Flower Vases – Renew the Tradition!

What is it like to add some ‘life’ in your house? Yes, use something alive to decorate your home. The best way to go about this is to use flowers. Flowers generally have a way with colors, pleasant scent and adding appeal to your exterior but the same can be done inside the house too. Flowers or leafy and/or money plants can help a great deal in decorating the inside of the house.

The first step to enhancing home décor is coming up with eyes that are easily doable. For the very same, DIY is one the best tools to carry out home design.

Do It Yourself

Arrange flowers in the most appealing manner, with variety and color and use discarded jars and glass bottles to work as vases. These jars can be wide and broad, yet work perfectly for flower arrangement. Extra unused bottles around the house can also be used for this purpose. Sometimes, bottles with narrow necks also look good to home design, even though it may appear as if they are not the best choice for a vase.

Things to Take Care Of

These bottles should preferably be transparent. A transparent bottle makes the view to the roots of the plant clearer and this can be a plus to the home décor. Now decorate your living room, kitchen, bedroom, rest room and foyer with flower vases! Look around for them in your house; you will find plenty!

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