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Dressing Tables – Dress Your Bedrooms the Right Way!

Just like other pieces of furniture, something that has not quite run out of trend yet often ignored is a dressing table. Dressing tables are generally found in bedrooms and their size is proportionate to the size of the bedroom.

Variety in Dressing Tables

Dressing tables may be those stacked with drawers on the front or no drawers at all. Likewise, it may vary in choices of a mirror. Mirrors are usually attached to dressing tables, however, may also be attached separately against the wall. These things typically keep trending from time to time. Currently, both types of mirrors are preferred, depending on the style of the dressing table.

Type of Furniture

Dressing tables may be wooden or made of wrought iron. In some cases, the top is covered with glass. In other cases, a layer of veneer, or a table runner are used to protect the top.


Most people are fascinated by large mirrors. But, mirrors on a dressing table are assumed to cater to the size of the dressing table. Therefore, mirrors may still be large but in most cases are proportionate to the size of the table.

Sometimes, mirrors are attached to the dressing table. However, they may be totally separate from the dressing table and be only attached against the wall. They may vary between shapes and sizes. Oval mirrors are very popular these days, along with round mirrors. With these new shapes coming in, the old shapes of a four-sided mirror have eventually faded.

All these tips can help you choose the right dressing table for your room while making certain that it blends in with the rest of the furniture as well.

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