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Dressing Table or Chest of Drawers – What Suits Your Needs?

In our bedrooms and around us, to suit our needs, dressing tables play an extensive role in daily living. A mirror of good length, some storage capacity, along with the surface covered with enormous cosmetic items, toiletries and decorative items make the perfect dressing table.

However, with the increasing trend of innovation in almost every other thing, dressing tables have been widely replaced by a chest of drawers.

A chest of drawers is not very different from a dressing table. However, provides a similar function. It gives access to storage, perhaps more than a dressing table. It is usually higher than a dressing table—could be lower too though, as per the requirement of the customer.

While most dressing tables have a mirror attached to them, a chest of drawer does not. It provides a similar function for your bedroom and allows you to place a mirror separately. Some people may not prefer having a mirror right above it. In that case, a mirror may be secluded altogether and may be placed elsewhere.

However, if a mirror is placed on the wall, a chest of drawers, as compared to a dressing table broaches greater access to variety. For example, the mirror could be of any shape or size, or wholly tailor made in a unique sense; whereas, a dressing table does not cater to a huge array of designs of mirrors.

Either Of the Two—How to Enhance the Outlook?

Whether a chest of drawers, or a dressing table, both should be furnished with a sleek runner or a mat above it. If not, a glass top is also appealing.

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