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Design in Table Tops

Tables are an essential part of catering to our homes. We all have tables in some form or the other. A huge variety of them exist, starting from the small sized side table in your living room or bedroom, to the vast dining table that each one of us has in their homes. Tables can be a huge adding factor to your interior. To do so, just focusing on tables and their design is not important; table tops are equally important.

Design—Do It Yourself!

Use your artistic and aesthetic abilities to glorify the table tops in your very house. Plain glass table tops or wooden tops are common. Therefore, use some ideas from the interior of your room and apply here.

Having table cloths is a traditional idea but having to implement a pattern, texture and/or design on the top is unique. Nowadays, tables with colored flashy tops may look elegant given the outlook of your room. In some cases, wooden carved table tops are also attractive to the eyes.

Table mats and table covers are an easy means to decorate the table. But use your own ideas to implement and make this look grand. Not just table cloths, but impart the same design onto the surface of your table. For example, use handmade designs on the surface of your table. In some cases, using fabrics and stitching it along the corners of your table may look classy. However, on a very large table, it is ideal to keep the design less vivid.

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