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Colorful Retro Bathroom Design Ideas

Many homeowners face difficulties when they want to find about retro bathroom design ideas. Even though we live in modern times, people still love the old fashioned look. A retro style can also bring personality to the bathing space.

Your house will be fun, whimsical and eye catching. It enables you to accentuate the bathroom with colorful and eye-catching decor in electric blue, bubblegum pink, mustard yellow, and lime green. Even though the style is made to follow a retro look, you can infuse the bathing space with modern technologies such heated towel rails, automatic faucets, sparkling shower areas, or even heated floors.

Comfort should be considered to make sure that everyone in the house feels warm and cozy in all seasons. There are many things that you can do to enjoy the wonderful look in the stylish bathroom. One of the unique retro bathroom design ideas is related to the selection of flooring materials. You can pick porcelain tile floors installed in vintage patterns. If you love simple floor motifs, you can have tiles installed in geometric black and white.  If you want a unique look, pick one in hexagonal shaped tiles.

When you want to purchase a new faucet, you can choose polished chrome. The installation of plumbing can be hidden or revealed depending on your preference. You can also install a white wall hung sink to reveal the retro character in the bathing space. The illumination in the bathroom should carry the characteristics of the retro era. You can install a dimmer to bring relaxing feel to bathing space. People love it since it is decorative and purposeful. Before you apply all of the retro bathroom design ideas above, don’t forget to ask the opinion of your family.

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