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Colored Items for Décor – A Delight for Children!

One thing that kids like to see around the house is color. Besides having colorful drapes, textured walls, and carpets, color can be added in various dimensions through adornment.

In your child’s bedroom there must be a wall fixture of study table that allows ample space for pen holders, pencil holders, stationary items to be kept. Such items generally speak a language of their own. They speak with their appeal, their color, and the text written on them. Most of such items are suited to your kid’s study table.

Other than pen and pencil holders and mugs, make use of bottles. Not just empty bottles, but instead of trashing the empty transparent containers in your house, use them to create a mesh of glitter, water, starry objects and powdered color. Such items are most noticed by kids. These are simply Do It Yourself items, but the amount of color they add is enormous.

Use the containers you have to create this. Come up with different combinations of color, different glittery shades. This can be done in harmony with the colors of your room. You can choose which color you would like.

These containers can also be used to decorate your living room. Especially the wall fixture of divider in your living room will have ample space to accommodate one of these. In your bedroom or on the side table, small sized containers can be placed. Experiment with glitter, water and plainly, COLOR! Then see what it does!

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