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Cleaning the Bathroom the Right Way

One of the important components of home cleaning is tidying up the bathroom. Unlike other areas in the house, bathroom tends to accumulate dirt and stains faster because it receives high traffic and is used more frequently than other areas in the house. Everyday, people use the bathroom to take a bath, to wash, to brush their teeth and even to change clothes.

Compared to other parts in the house, the bathroom is also always exposed to water, moisture, and various stains from products like shampoo, soap, body wash and tooth paste. This is why most experts will suggest a once-a-week bathroom cleaning schedule as an ideal routine to keep your bathroom organized and squeaky clean.

Home cleaning especially in the bathroom is not only important in order to obtain a clean and appealing bathroom but most significantly, for sanitary and hygienic purposes. Germs, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms may thrive in the bathroom since these types of living things tend to thrive in wet or moist areas. It is essential to keep bathrooms free from harmful bacteria and germs to protect our family and to prevent health diseases due to improper hygiene and insanitary bathrooms.

Toilets are the most common bathroom fixtures we use. This is also the one that easily gets dirty. Toilet rings gather dirt and stain due to alkaline water. To properly clean this area, you need to use a toilet bowl and ring cleaner or you can also make your own homemade toilet cleaner for a safer and chemical-free solution. One of the common household products you can use for home cleaning especially in the bathroom is white vinegar. When using white vinegar, pour the liquid on the toilet then leave for more than an hour before brushing. For better results, leave the substance overnight before scouring the toilet.

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