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Choosing Excellently Made Walk-In Tubs

Elderly and disabled persons often have difficulty getting in and out of a typical tub or a shower for that matter, especially if the tub is not equipped with safety devices to assist the person while bathing. Fortunately though, tub manufacturers have developed tubs that are accessible to the elderly and the disabled. These walk in tubs are equipped with safety features that help prevent accidents while bathing or taking a shower.

Of course, these safety features are not present in all manufactured tubs, so it is best that you take time in choosing the tub that has passed all safety standards. If you have an elderly person at home for example, the tub that you choose should have a door that can easily be opened and closed with the slightest effort. It should also have a locking mechanism that can be used by a person with a weak grip.

Tubs that are designed for elderly use also often have seats incorporated in them, and this is another factor that you should consider when shopping. The height of the seat should be just right without the person needing to stoop too low when taking a shower or having a bath. Aside from this, choose among tubs that have safety rails on the sides.

These safety rails will provide excellent support especially when the shower or bath area becomes too wet and the risk of slipping and falling is higher. Choose among tub manufacturers that provide these safety features before shelling out your hard-earned money.

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