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Bed Covers and Bed Sheets – Adorn Your Beds!

Whatever the season, a key aspect of home design is bed sheets and bed covers. While doing so, it is also necessary to consider the outside and inside ambiance. The weather has a significant impact on how certain colors appear.

When making a choice about bed sheets and bed covers, there are few things to consider.

What are They?

First of all, know what kind of a room it is, and for whom. A bridal décor will be different from that of a child’s room. This is followed by the color scheme. Colors of the bed sheet or bed cover would largely depend on the weather, and other color tones that are present in the room. For example, very bright colored walls would require a certain harmony in color to complement it. If both shades are too stark, the room would look gaudy. Therefore, harmonize your color scheme in coordination to your walls and surrounding.

Other Things to Consider:

The colors will also depend on whether the room is for a kid or yourself. In case of a child, bright colors are preferred, however, keeping in mind the design of the bed sheet. In winters, usually, warm colors and preferred over cool ones.

Bed Covers or Bed Sheets?

It is also important to note that there is thin difference between bed covers and bed sheets. Both of them, in their own right are part of doing a bedroom. However, a bed cover usually gives a more formal, tidier look.

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