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Bathroom Vanity Designs

The vanity is one of the basic needs for a bathroom, being equipped with small cabinets and a mirror. A vanity is basically used to keep bathing tools and equipment such as towels, cleaning tools, and others. Some of us might like common sinks more since they are directly attached to the wall, but having a vanity for your bathroom is not a bad choice especially for those who don’t want to let their bathroom look like an empty room.

There are different types of vanity dressers that can be used in your bathroom. You can add a vanity which is equipped with open shelves and even a vanity with a sink that offers multi-function capabilities. These are made from various materials, but the wooden ones may be the most favorable ones since they are strong enough to bear the weight and also project a classical look for your bathroom.

The first thing you need to do before installing a vanity in your bathroom is to make sure that the size of the bathroom and the vanity that you want to apply in your bathroom complement each other. Choosing smaller cabinets for a vanity may be the best choice for those who have a small space for their bathroom.

Second, you need to reduce the use of wall accessories. If it is possible, you are recommended to remove them all. It will create free space for your bathroom. Using accessories and a vanity at the same time will be too much. Rather than creating a dazzling atmosphere, it tends to create a cramped look.

A vanity with a sink is usually the best choice for your bathroom, since it can be used as drawers and sink at the same time and will reduce the use of space for the small bathroom.

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