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Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas

In remodeling your bathroom, you might consider in changing the tiles, walls, and flooring since they are the easiest ways to create a new look for your bathroom. You can also change your bathtub, toilet, and your sink if you find them too old to be used. But when you find them still usable for your new bathroom design, you might keep then in order to save on costs. In this article, we will be discussing several things that you need to consider in remodeling your bathroom.

First is the size of your bathroom. It is important to calculate your bathroom size in order to choose which bathroom elements will be suitable. You can’t manage having a large bathtub for a small bathroom, so you might be better off applying hidden shower heads which is recessed on wall to give more space for your bathroom.

If you want to have a vanity for your bathroom, a small vanity which is equipped with a sink will be the most convenient one. It less spacious since the furniture has multi-function capability. You can add a mirror with a silvery accent to decorate your bathroom.

What you really need in remodeling your bathroom is to create more space rather than place additional furniture, that is why most architects will ask you to dismiss some of the furniture to create a fresher look for your bathroom. Some of the old furniture such as medicine cabinets are now prohibited to be placed in bathrooms as they have been found to be no longer appropriate as bathroom elements.

As for the tiles, walls, and floors we still recommend having a natural colors. Because those colors can keep the your bathroom looking clean and tidy at all times. You can also use a white wall which matches a dark-colored floor to create a contrast.

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