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3 Important Factors to Consider While Renovating Bathrooms

Bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important sections of the house, which most of he people fail to realize. Most of the times we do not pay attention to little things that eventually become bigger problems. Here are a few things you need to be careful of while renovating your own bathroom.

Take Proper Measurements

Before anything, it is important to decide the amount of space every time needs to take in the bathroom. For example, if you want install a cupboard, make sure it leaves space for other things and doesn’t take unnecessary space.

Keep the Switch Boards Away from Water

Be very careful when deciding where to put the shower and water taps. Make sure they are no way near the switchboards in the bathroom as it can be extremely dangerous. Place your switchboards higher and at the corners to avoid any sort of accident.


Ventilation is extremely important, especially in bathrooms. Without it, the place could feel damp. However choosing the right place to put the fan and the electrical wires needs a bit of planning. So make sure you take your time or consult someone before taking the final decision.

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