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3 Exciting Ideas to Make the Most of Your Rooftop

There is nothing better than having a cup of coffee in open air. Usually families like to do that in their gardens, but not all of us have that sort of luxury. If you don’t have a garden in your house, there is no better alternative than your own roof top. Here some ways you can make your roof top an amazing place to be on.

1.    Go Green

It is a place which is completely exposed to the sun so feel free and put as many plants as you can. It would not only add to the beauty of your roof, it will also create a fresh ambiance.

2.    Proper Seating Arrangement

Make the most of your rooftops by having a proper seating arrangement. You can spend your evenings sitting there having conversations or reading books, whatever suits your mood. You will also be able to enjoy a nice cup of tea with your family and friends in a fresh environment.

3.       Play Sport

If it’s too late and you can’t go out to play basketball, you can have your own basket set up on the roof where you can play with your family or call your friends over. You can also play other sports like, tennis, badminton or even throw ball.

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